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Improve communication with suppliers, submit requests
for quotations, obtain tenders more easily and faster.

in a click

Allow suppliers to submit commercial tenders with the use of ready forms.

Prepare requests for quotations, choose tender evaluation criteria and elaborate market communication strategies. Negotiate on electronic auctions, use chats for communication, inform suppliers about your sourcing decisions.

Take care of communication with internal customers on all sourcing stages. Introduce your enterprise to a new dimension of communication.

Procurement from A to Z

Right decisions

Use advanced procurement analyses available within our solution.

Review data through the prism of the reported demands, actions, vendor database.

Monitor the ongoing procurement actions in your Company, develop reports, draw correct conclusions and make right decisions.

Vendors' management

Build a database, invite to cooperation,
manage relations, assess and develop vendors

Share with your vendors a portal on which they can create an account, inform
what they sell as well as submit offers and participate in auctions,

Manage cooperation statuses and browse history of cooperation on the vendor profile.


Build knowledge base, exchange information with other people from your Company.

Improve procurement actions thanks to the experience gained.


Achieve better lower prices thanks to the advanced methodology of e-procurement.

Increase the profitability of your business.


Improve the process of collection of letters of inquiry, realize procurement faster based on the reported demands.

Improve satisfaction of vendors and external customers.

Logintrade Company

150  implementations in 10 countries
15 languages
120 000 – transactions per year
830 M EUR – transactions value